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Heat4Energy is committed to assisting individuals like yourself in reducing your household expenses. And the best part? It’s even faster and simpler than you might imagine!

Our experienced team is here to provide one-to-one support in securing your ECO Scheme grant and installing all the necessary energy-saving equipment. We deliver high-quality services that are designed to futureproof your home and make the most of your budget.

Government-funded energy-saving measures in the UK

Our Core Mission

Heat4Energy is paving the way for government-funded energy-saving initiatives in the United Kingdom.

Our core mission is centered around improving the energy efficiency of homes, leading to substantial cost savings for homeowners while also reducing waste and boosting energy generation.

Our team possesses a remarkable aptitude for executing these initiatives, ensuring that sustainable and eco-friendly solutions are implemented across the nation. With Heat4Energy, we are committed to making a lasting impact on both the environment and homeowners’ wallets.

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Here are the services we offer at Heat4Energy:


Boiler and Central Heating

We offer free boiler and central heating upgrades and replacements that will make sure your home’s radiators and hot water are heated with maximum energy efficiency.


Back boiler Replacement

When it comes to efficiency, A-rated boilers are top-notch, boasting a 90% efficiency rate. On the other hand, older models like G-rated boilers fall short with less than 70% efficiency.


Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps present a renewable technology that customers can greatly benefit from. One of their notable advantages is their minimal electricity consumption.


Storage Heater Replacement

The latest electric storage heaters offer both enhanced insulation and advanced control features, leading to improved energy efficiency. These heaters provide cost savings for its user.


Cavity Wall Insulation

Properties that lack insulation experience significant heat loss. The installation of cavity wall insulation effectively establishes a thermal barrier to preserve warmth.


Loft Insulation

Insulating your loft is a highly effective measure for lowering your heating bills. By creating a thermal barrier, insulation prevents the escape of warm air.


Under Floor Insulation

Insulating the ground floor space of your home can effectively improve its energy efficiency, resulting in a warmer and comfortable living environment.


Solar Installation

Sunlight is one of the most free forms of renewable energy. installing solar pv will produce free energy and lower your carbon footprint.

Areas we Currently Cover

Heat4Energy, a company with its headquarters in Hartlepool, offers services to the North East and Yorkshire regions. These services are not limited to specific locations but include areas such as Durham, Sunderland, Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Peterlee, Easington, Seaham, Middlesbrough, York, Leeds, Harrogate and Bradford.

Upon request, we are pleased to extend our services beyond the North East region. In fact, we have successfully undertaken projects in distant locations such as London and Manchester.

We appreciate your interest in our services. To facilitate a streamlined and efficient process, we kindly request that you utilise our online application form to initiate your engagement with us. This form serves as a convenient tool for providing us with the necessary information to better understand and meet your specific needs. By utilizing this user-friendly platform, you can ensure a prompt response from our team, enabling us to commence our collaboration in a timely manner.