Air Source Heat Pumps Scotland

Air Source Heat Pumps Funding Grant

Heat4Energy offer a wide range of ECO 4 funded Boiler and Central Heating upgrades in Scotland completely free of charge as part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) government energy-efficiency scheme in Great Britain designed to tackle fuel poverty and help reduce the carbon footprint of the United Kingdom in domestic premises.

ECO4 focuses on improving inefficient homes that currently have a EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating bands D-G.

It aims to to deliver a more complete upgrade of those homes in Scotland, moving to a multi-measure whole-house retrofit approach. With that in mind, a minimum number of private tenure homes in the Scotland area with energy efficiency ratings E, F and G must be upgraded through the ECO 4 scheme ensuring the least efficient homes are treated.

There is a minimum requirement to improve these inefficient homes in Scotland with a rating of D and E to at least a band C and band F and G homes to at least a D.

One of the most effective ways to increase your household energy efficiency is by installing various energy efficient measures such as insulation, first time central heating, boiler upgrades, heating controls such as smart thermostats and renewable heating.

If a Scotland home has no gas supply they would qualify for renewable heating measures such as Air Source Heat Pump installation along with Solar PV which will reduce your running cost’s and electric consumption. These renewable energy measures are low maintenance, cheap to run, produce free energy and will lower your homes carbon footprint.

Heat4Energy, a company with its headquarters in Hartlepool, offers these ECO4 services to the whole of Scotland