LA Flex Funding (No Benefits)

ECO4 is an affordable boiler scheme that requires less installation work and has reduced requirements for homeowners in Darlington. It offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance. On the other hand, LA FLEX is designed for individuals who require a resilient solution that performs well in challenging conditions.


The Eco4 programme is an initiative by the UK Government as part of the Energy Company Obligation Scheme. The “Flexible Eligibility” component of this programme offers a novel approach for gas and electricity suppliers to assist low-income and vulnerable households.

Councils and Local Authorities have the ability to expand the eligibility criteria for ECO VAT rebate schemes in order to better align them with the needs of their respective communities.

The implementation of this initiative will facilitate the eligibility of a greater number of residents in Darlington, beyond those currently receiving benefits, for ECO 4 funding. Depending on individuals’ circumstances, they may be eligible for financial assistance based on factors such as income level, age, or geographical location living in the Darlington post code area. Consequently, local authorities will gain the means to provide targeted support to specific communities.

LA Flex should establish specific criteria to ascertain whether residents are experiencing fuel poverty or have a low income and are at risk of living in a cold home in Darlington.


LA Flex is intrinsically linked to ECO4 as it serves as an expansion of the ECO4 initiative. It involves allocating additional funds to Local Authorities with the specific aim of identifying individuals who do not meet the primary criteria for eligibility under ECO4 but would still significantly benefit from available funding schemes. The underlying structure remains identical, albeit with a distinct application procedure in place. In our case, we take care of all the necessary groundwork on your behalf.

The LA Flex program offers homeowners in Darlington various benefits, such as a complimentary boiler replacement, cavity wall insulation, and underfloor heating. However, it is important to note that different Local Authorities may have distinct guidelines and limitations in place for the program. However, by submitting your application through Heast4Energy, we will ensure it is directed to the appropriate destination.


To be eligible for both LA Flex and ECO4 schemes in Darlington, it is necessary for the applicant to be the owner of the property. Unfortunately, if you are currently renting a property, you do not meet the requirements for either of these programs. Additionally, both schemes stipulate that your boiler must be at least 10 years old. Over time boilers become less efficient with constant use – so if you have a 10 year old boiler that still has it’s “B” rating sticker on, chances are that it isn’t actually that efficient any more.

LA Flex is specifically aimed at individuals living in Darlington with low income who do not receive benefits, as well as those facing circumstances where living in a cold home could potentially exacerbate their situation. Among the individuals who would benefit from these measures are the elderly, pregnant women, or individuals with a young child (under 5 years old). Additionally, those who have medical conditions that are exacerbated by cold environments will also find these precautions beneficial.

In many local jurisdictions, households with an annual total income of less than £31,000 are typically classified as “Low Income.” However, it is important to note that these figures can vary in different areas, especially in regions where the cost of living exceeds the average.

To be eligible for LA Flex Funding in Darlington, it is required that you meet the criteria of being classified as a “Low Income Household” and experience the negative effects of living in a cold household.